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Kaizen spurs smart, scalable growth and brings research-based clarity to brand and marketing.

With decades of Silicon Valley and international experience - Kaizen provides strategic, research-driven solutions for startups, mid-size, and Fortune 100 companies.

Partnership is at the core of everything we do. From how we collaborate with clients, to how we marshal resources as needed. Get in touch to find out how we can make our experience work for you.

Make evidence-driven decisions.



Work smart.
Always improve.
Make evidence-driven decisions.

We think holistically about marketing focusing on growth. We build measurable brand value grounded in real world results. We focus on tangible, measurable results for your business, not creative awards.

We are known for a collaborative, problem-solving approach to design, communication, and customer acquisition with personal involvement and continuous attention to the details. We also pay special attention and adapt to the nuances of projects as they evolve.

The story of lift off.


The Founders

Kaizen Insights was co-founded by former Netflix marketing executives Barry Enderwick and Gary Kenji McMath. They were soon joined by startup executive James Parks who manages research, as well as equity and startup partnerships.  

Barry started at Netflix in 2001 and helped take the startup from a few hundred thousand US subscribers, to over 23 million subscribers globally. Barry advises several startups on brand, acquisition, UX and social media integration.

Gary started at Netflix in 2005 and helped grow Netflix from a few million US subscribers to over 33 million subscribers globally. Prior to that he was at AT&T Wireless where he went from managing a region of less than one hundred thousand customers to running brand for a company with over 55 million customers. Gary also is an advisor to a number of Silicon Valley startups.

James was CEO of PrizeBox and designed, developed, and executed a SMB marketing tool and launched it in the market. James has extensive experience scaling early stage startups and advises several in the United States on fundraising, team building, social media, distribution, operations, and product.

Kaizen Insights

Kaizen Insights is a Silicon Valley research company dedicated to getting usable results for faster insight and directional feedback, so that creative and marketing teams make design, language, and brand positions that are effective.

The Kaizen Insights provides a tool for decision makers to gather findings frequently. And our mission is to use proven, research-driven processes to provide creative and marketing teams the directional insights they need.

Kaizen Insights is a division of Kaizen Creative Partnership and was founded by former Netflix marketing executives, and Kaizen advisory partners, Gary McMath and Barry Enderwick.