Success Begins With Brand (1 min. read)

Photo Credit:  fw190a8  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: fw190a8 via Compfight cc

I just read a great post on Email dos and don’ts. It described what might be called “best practices”. I see a lot articles like it published fairly often. And whether it’s about optimizing landing pages, drip email campaigns, or retargeting, most of them bring up really valid points about get the most bang for your buck.

All of them are well intentioned, but they all seem to focus on optimizing one aspect of the business. What almost never gets mentioned is Brand. And yes, I used a capital “B” on purpose. Quite often, the term “brand” is used to mean logo and colors. That’s really just “visual branding”. What I want to talk about is Brand.

Today, Brand is comprised of everything you do, say and present to the world that, hopefully, immediately signals to consumers and employees why you exist and what you stand for. It also works internally but that's for another post.

It can’t be made up, well, it shouldn't be made up. It has to been founded on consumer research and an understanding of what you need to be in order for the consumer of your product to say, “yes, I need that, I want that”. By doing that foundational work, you can grow organically and scale quickly.

Which brings us back to the articles and listicles about optimizing specific channels. It is important to optimize by channel, no doubt about it. But by really knowing and properly expressing your Brand, you’ll be able to not only optimize your channel, but also help build the Brand which creates a virtuous cycle of growth. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats.

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Photo Credit: fw190a8 via Compfight cc